For each tour session, two discussants will move along a group of around 10 student and trainee posters – loosely grouped by sub specialty where possible – to hear briefly from the poster presenters. All delegates are invited to join these tours, there is no need to book, delegates are asked to arrive at the first poster at the allotted time.

Prior to the tour
• You can view the abstracts via the abstract button on the app

To carry out your tour
• Please arrive at the lowest numbered poster included in your tour prior to the start time.
• From our email we sent, you should know you will be paired with another tour lead please share/alternate leading the tour.
• Wait a few minutes for delegates to join you (they don’t book, just turn up) and then start the tour.
• Allow 5 minutes per presenter to present and answer any questions. Try to have at least one question per poster to set the ball rolling if no questions are forthcoming from the delegates.
• You will have 60 minutes to walk through the (around 10) posters in your tour.
• Finish the session by the allotted time

We would be grateful if you could score the posters in your tour prior to the deadline of 1500 on Thursday 19 May. You are welcome to score any others too. Use the scoring button on the app, or the shortcut here.